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2013 Just Desserts: The Complete Waitresses  The Waitresses  Engineer, Mixing
2012 On the Road [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]            Gustavo Santaolalla Engineer
2011 Funhouse of Your Mind  Mark Cote  Arranger, Engineer, Mixing, Producer
2011 A Million Watts of Love  Professor R.J. Ross  Mixing
2011 Bet on the Blues  Paul Oscher  Engineer, Mixing
2011 I Wake Up Screaming  Kid Creole & the Coconuts  Engineer, Mixing
2011 Rover's Return  John Waite  Engineer, Mixing
2011 Sound Advice  Patti Austin  Engineer, Mixing
2010 Straight At The Light  Jailhouse  Engineer, Mixing, Producer 
2010 Love Stays On  Eleanor Fye  Engineer
2009 Britny Fox/Boys in Heat  Britny Fox  Mixing
2008 Awakening/The Dance Of Life  Narada Michael Walden  Vocal Engineer
2008 Buddha-Cloud  Jason Shulman  Engineer, Mixing, Producer 
2008 Face to Face  Professor R.J. Ross  Mixing
2008 Ikons  Kiss  Engineer
2008 Live in Phoenix  Fall Out Boy  Mastering
2008 Live in Phoenix [Video]  Fall Out Boy  Mastering
2008 Motown: A Journey Through Hitsville USA Live  Boyz II Men  Audio Production, Mixing
2008 Saving Grace  Scott Kempner  Engineer, Mixing
2007 Brighter: A Duncan Sheik Collection  Duncan Sheik  Mixing
2007 On Stage at World Cafe Live  Duncan Sheik  Producer
2007 On Stage at World Cafe Live  Marshall Crenshaw  Producer, Mixing
2007 On Stage at World Cafe Live  Rita Coolidge Producer, Mixing
2007 On Stage at World Cafe Live  Rhett Miller  Producer, Mixing
2007 On Stage at World Cafe Live  Jennifer Glass  Producer, Mixing
2007 On Stage at World Cafe Live  David Poe  Producer
2007 On Stage at World Cafe Live  The Knack  Producer, Mixing
2007 On Stage at World Cafe Live  Naked Eyes  Audio Production
2007 On Stage at World Cafe Live  Living Colour  Producer, Mixing
2007 On Stage at World Cafe Live  Shemekia Copeland  Producer, Mixing
2007 Original Album Classics  Stanley Clarke  Assistant Engineer
2006 Ace, Gene, Peter and Paul (Solos Box Set)  Kiss  Assistant Engineer
2006 Brighter/Later: A Duncan Sheik Anthology  Duncan Sheik  Mixing
2006 Forecast I  Forecast  Engineer
2006 Greatest Hits  The Rembrandts  Engineer
2006 Which Way Is Out?  Venice Maki  Mixing
2005 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Engineer, Mixing, Producer 
2005 Crowded House/Temple of Low Men  Crowded House  Mixing
2005 Donnie Darko [Original Soundtrack & Score]  Michael Andrews  Mixing
2005 Live at the Greek Theatre [DVD]  Chicago & Earth, Wind & Fire Engineer
2005 Live in Hollywood at the Henry Fonda Theater  Marianne Faithfull  Engineer, Mixing
2005 Return to Sin City:  A Tribute to Gram Parsons  Engineer
2005 Rock Breakout Years: 1987  Poison  Engineer, Mixing
2004 All-Time Top Tangos/Spain  Stanley Black  Composer
2004 Gold: 1974-1982 - Sound+Vision  Kiss  Assistant Engineer
2003 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of The Waitresses  The Waitresses  Engineer, Mixing, Producer 
2003 Rock While I Can Rock: The Geffen Years  Steve Forbert  Mixing
2003 The Essential Eddie Money  Eddie Money  Engineer
2002 Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris  Audiovent  String Engineer
2001 No Tellin' Lies/3.V  Zebra  Mixing
2001 The Best of Eddie Money  Eddie Money  Engineer
2001 The Box Set  Kiss  Assistant Engineer
1999 Afterglow  Crowded House  Mixing
1999 P.S.: A Toad Retrospective -  Toad the Wet Sprocket  Engineer
1999 Savage Night  The Blue Hawaiians  Engineer, Mixing
1999 This Beautiful Life  Big Bad Voodoo Daddy  Engineer, Mixing, Producer
1999 Three to Tango  Soundtrack Mixing, Producer
1998 Boogie Man  Red & the Red Hots  Engineer
1998 Jailhouse  Jailhouse  Engineer
1998 Moonlighting:  Live at the Ash Grove Van Dyke Parks  Engineer, Mixing
1998 Rufus Wainwright  Rufus Wainwright  String Engineer
1998 Spin This!  The Rembrandts  Engineer
1997 Casper: A Spirited Beginning  Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Engineer, Mixing, Producer 
1997 Super Hits  Eddie Money  Engineer
1996 Tidal - "Shadowboxer" Fiona Apple String Engineer
1996 Cinema Paradiso: The Classic Film Music of Ennio Morricone [Silva]  Ennio Morricone  Assistant Engineer
1996 The Legacy of Phyllis Hyman  Phyllis Hyman  Engineer
1996 The New Groove:  The Blue Note Remix Project, Vol. 1  Remixing
1995 Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks Orange Crate Art Mixing
1994 Barefoot Servants  Barefoot Servants  Engineer, Mixing, Producer
1994 Big Bad Voodoo Daddy  Big Bad Voodoo Daddy  Engineer, Mixing, Producer
1994 Cookin'  Heritage Hall Jazz Band  Engineer
1994 Greatest Hits: 1980-1994  Aretha Franklin  Mixing
1994 Hardest Hits, Vol. 4  The Nails Engineer, Mixing
1994 Sex, Country & Rock N Roll  Big Rig Jacknife  Engineer, Mixing
1993 Distant Sun [US #1]  Crowded House  Mixing
1993 L.A. Blues Authority:  Fit for a King  Engineer
1992 Best O' Boingo  Oingo Boingo  Mixing
1992 Rock the First, Vol. 1  Crowded House Mixing
1990 Ah Via Musicom Eric Johnson Mixing
1990 Hard Cold Truth  John Eddie  Engineer, Producer
1990 Life by Night  Life by Night  Engineer, Mixing
1990 Rubaiyat:  Elektra's 40th Anniversary  Engineer, Mixing, Producer
1989 Greatest Hits: The Sound of Money  Eddie Money  Engineer
1989 Not Fakin' It  Michael Monroe  Engineer, Mixing, Producer
1989 The Good Life  Fire Town  Engineer, Mixing, Producer
1989 The Samples  The Samples  Mixing
1988 Based on a True Story  The Del-Lords  Engineer, Mixing
1988 Britny Fox  Britny Fox  Mixing
1988 Coelacanth  The Producers  Mixing
1988 Straight Line through Time  Broken Homes  Engineer, Mixing, Producer
1988 Safety Love  David Drew  Engineer, Mixing, Producer
1987 Boi-ngo  Oingo Boingo  Mixing
1987 Breakfast Club  Breakfast Club  Engineer, Mixing
1987 Hail! Hail! Rock 'N Roll  Chuck Berry  Engineer, Mixing
1987 Henry Lee Summer  Henry Lee Summer  Engineer, Mixing, Producer
1987 Live  Fountainhead  Engineer, Mixing, Producer
1987 Rover's Return  John Waite  Engineer, Producer
1987 Sinful  Pete Wylie  Engineer, Mixing, Producer
1987 Will Power  Joe Jackson  Engineer, Mixing
1986 3.V  Zebra  Engineer, Mixing
1986 Big World  Joe Jackson  Engineer, Mixing
1986 Can't Hold Back  Eddie Money  Engineer, Mixing
1986 Crowded House  Crowded House  Mixing
1986 Johnny Comes Marching Home  The Del-Lords  Engineer, Mixing
1986 Look What the Cat Dragged In  Poison  Mixing
1986 No More Jinx  Wild Blue  Mixing
1985 Seven The Hard Way Pat Benatar Mixing
1985 Dead Man's Party  Oingo Boingo  Mixing
1985 Shock  The Motels  Engineer, Mixing
1985 Vital Idol Billy Idol Engineer
1985 Pictures For Pleasures Charlie Sexton Mixing
1985 The Breakfast Club  Soundtrack Composer, Engineer
1985 Weird Science  Soundtrack Mixing
1984 Like This  The dB's  Engineer, Mixing
1984 Mood Swing  The Nails  Engineer, Mixing
1984 Sleep It Off  Cristina  Engineer, Mixing
1984 Teachers [Capitol]  Soundtrack Engineer, Mixing
1983 Rebel Yell  Billy Idol  Engineer, Mixing
1983 Sorrow Is Not Forever...But Love Is  Urszula Dudziak  Engineer
1983 What a Feelin'  Irene Cara  Engineer
1982 Boomerang  Boomerang  Engineer, Mixing
1982 Klaus Nomi  Klaus Nomi  Engineer, Mixing
1982 Tropical Gangsters  Kid Creole & the Coconuts  Engineer, Mixing
1981 A Christmas Record -ZE Various Engineer, Mixing
1981 Fresh Fruit in Foreign Places  Kid Creole & the Coconuts  Engineer, Mixing
1980 Siren  Ronnie Spector Engineer, Mixing
1980 Sub Zero  Philip d'Arrow  Engineer, Mixing
1979 Awakening  Narada Michael Walden Assistant Engineer
1978 Children of Sanchez  Chuck Mangione  Assistant Engineer
1978 Music for Flute & Double Bass  Jeremy Steig and Eddie Gomez Engineer
1978 Paul Stanley  Paul Stanley Assistant Engineer
1978 Gene Simmons Gene Simmons Assistant Engineer
1978 Peter Criss Peter Criss Assistant Engineer
1977 Chic  Chic  Engineer
1977 Love You Live The Rolling Stones Assistant Engineer
1977 Alive II Kiss Assistant Engineer
1977 Love Gun Kiss Assistant Engineer
1977 Common Ground  Paul Winter Consort  Assistant Engineer
1977 Havana Candy  Patti Austin  Assistant Engineer
1977 One of a Kind  Dave Grusin  Assistant Engineer
1977 Schooldays Stanley Clarke  Assistant Engineer
1976 All American Alien Boy  Ian Hunter  Assistant Engineer
1976 The Song Remains The Same Led Zeppelin Assistant Engineer
1976 Saturday Night Special  Norman Connors  Assistant Engineer
1976 Hold On  Noel Pointer  Assistant Engineer
1976 Earl Klugh/Living Inside Your Love/ Earl Klugh  Assistant Engineer
1976 You Are My Starship/Romantic Journey  Norman Connors  Assistant Engineer
1975 The Leprechaun  Chick Corea  Assistant Engineer

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